Enterprise Mobility - Solution Selling

  • Virtual PBXs – UCaaS
  • M2M Applications
  • Fleet Management
  • Field Service
  • Field Worker
  • Transportation Logistics
  • Asset Tracking
  • eTicketing/eCitation
  • mHealth
  • Courier/Delivery
  • Public Safety
  • Mobile Device Management

Enterprise Mobility - Leads

Leads Turned in Recently Include:

  • DSD with 300 Vehicles & 300 Routes
  • Food Service company – 1200 Vehicles
  • eCitation – Municipality with 800 Patrols
  • Field Service – 50 Field Workers
  • POD with 200 Vehicles
  • Asset Tracking – 1000s of field assets
  • Construction company with 50 Supervisors

Enterprise Mobility Solutions

VO is involved in Business Development activities for Enterprise Mobility companies in a variety of ways.

  • Lead Generation
  • Helping with Messaging and Focus
  • Channel Development
  • Mergers/Acquisitions
  • Helping Raise Capital

VO is focused on Sales Planning and Sales Development to push an emerging company to the next level, and maybe to the level of gaining investments, or even a liquidity event. Revenue is king. VO Group’s Sales Prospecting efforts help to define the audience – the market, to stuff your sales pipe, and to identify revenue.

VO Group knows Enterprise Mobility. We can help with Branding, Messaging, and Sales.