Lead Generation for Cloud Solutions

VO Group understands the challenges of the Cloud Computing Solution providers. Compared with an On-Premise solution that used to cost $100s of thousands of dollars, cloud providers typically have a lower monthly sale, requiring volume to get to profitability. VO Group has Lead Generation models to help the Cloud-based Solution Provider have more Lightly Qualified Sales Opportunities. We can help you with the volume play for your Subscriber-based model.

Subscriber Acquisition

Subscriber Acquisition is key. Volume is key. Having a Lead Gen program pay for itself would be nice.

In today’s market we all have competitors, and in most cases, it’s a race for subscribers and market share. VO Group can help you take a 360-degree approach to both Sales and Marketing to build this traffic and your base. We can combine SEO with Marketing, with inquiries, with traffic, with emailing, and with outbound calling to get you in the race and win.


VO Cloud Solutions

VO is involved in Business Development activity for Cloud Solution mergers and acquisitions, as well as channel development. VO is focused on Sales Planning and Sales Development to push an emerging company to the next level, and maybe to the level of gaining investments, or even a liquidity event. VO represents either the investor making the investment or acquisition, or the company that owns the IP (intellectual property) looking for investors or a liquidity event. Check out our Funding page on this site.